The guy who pulled a gun on Kyle Rittenhouse and found out changed his name for privacy, but spoke at a protest when Kyle was at Kent State ๐Ÿค”
ยท Apr 17, 2024 ยท

Remember how Gaige Grosskreutz pulled a gun on Kyle Rittenhouse, then tried to destroy him in court for defending himself?

Remember how he changed his name to escape harassment because he's just a poor, innocent soul being terrorized by evil right-wingers everywhere?

Remember how he was then the tragic victim of a hit-and-run and felt compelled to give a media interview despite his desperate need for privacy?

Yeah, well Gaige/Paul is back in the news, this time trying to maintain a normal life by [checks notes] publicly speaking at events where Kyle Rittenhouse is.

Check it out:

Enough of the lies and the deceit that has been told by Kyle Rittenhouse for over three years about what actually happened in Kenosha August 25, 2020.


Really nothing else to quote up there, as Paul either didn't prepare much or just went off script. Essentially he's mad because Kyle Rittenhouse is making money off of his fame.

A convicted perp who pulled a gun on a minor is now following his victim around? No way that could go wrong!

Honestly, if you ask me, I just think it's super cute that Paul came out of the closet and now lives his truth as a skinhead.

Good for you, bro.

Good for you.

Here's more of the mostly peaceful crowd for ya:

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