Christians, please read this thread that takes a flamethrower to the idea that Christians need to be "above" politics, especially in the abortion debate
ยท Jul 8, 2022 ยท

You've seen it a thousand times since the overturn of Roe. Christians need to shun "Christian Nationalism" and not get involved in political battles.

While some are sharing this opinion with a pure motive, others clearly want to make an excuse to not engage the world at the political level (also known as being ashamed of the Gospel in public).

Shane Morris of Breakpoint shows us why this is completely wrong, both scripturally and historically.

Here are his thoughts:

Obviously, it is about abortion. It is an awkward attempt by certain left-leaning aspirational types to appear uber spiritual and above the fray. The problem is it's nonsense from start to finish. Let's count the ways:

1.) NO major branch of orthodox Christianity thought being apolitical was a good thing until the Radical Reformation and the Anabaptists. Roman Catholics and Magisterial Protestants agreed on shaping civil laws with Christian morality. For the latter, it's literally in the name.

2.) Jesus didn't mean "my kingdom is not of this world" the way you want Him to mean it: i.e., "my kingdom has nothing to do with this world." He is talking about origin, not impact. Later in the same breath he changes the preposition "of" to "from." Read the passage.

His kingdom is not FROM this world. But it certainly will and does impact this world and its laws. Which leads to...

3.) The early Christians manifestly DID take over Rome. In 380 AD, after centuries of failed persecution, Rome declared Christianity the empire's [official] religion.

This dominion was, of course, accomplished through spiritual weaponry (yes, chiefly evangelism and apologetics), not political revolution. But nobody is advocating for revolution even now. We are advocating for being good neighbors, which includes making and enforcing just laws.

And in the mean time, we Christians engage fervently in and with this world to make up for the carnage of bad laws. In that, we are following our forebears, who...are you ready for this?...spent a LOT of time rescuing discarded babies from death in Rome AND were against abortion.

So yes, Christians should and must be involved in politics. And yes, we should and must advocate for and craft just laws that promote the good of our neighbors, including the unborn.

And no, this is not in the least incompatible with evangelism, or with Jesus' Kingdom, which is not *from* this world, but emphatically *will* transform this world, until the Heavenly Jerusalem descends like a helicopter on earth and Jesus sits down on the throne of David to receive the nations as His inheritance, as He was promised by God the Father in Psalm 2. And the kingdom of this world will become the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ, and He shall reign for ever and ever.

Morris explains EXACTLY what many of us have been thinking.

Proclaiming Christ in politics is building the Kingdom. Now get out there and LET'S GOOO. โœŠ

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