Solomon Islanders set fire to their own parliament building to protest the government's new alliance with commie China
· Nov 26, 2021 ·

Hey, you commie-friendly weenies that seem to be leading the world's free nations!

I think your citizens are fed up with your totalitarian edicts and your cozying up to the world's preeminent police state:

[Warning: Violence]

Here's more on why the Solomon Islanders are so angry:

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on Friday blamed foreign interference over his government's decision to switch alliances from Taiwan to Beijing for anti-government protests, arson, and looting that have ravaged the capital Honiara in recent days.

But critics also blamed the unrest on complaints of a lack of government services and accountability, corruption, and Chinese businesses giving jobs to foreigners instead of locals.

Honiara's Chinatown and its downtown precinct have been focuses of rioters, looters, and protesters who have demanded Sogavare, who has intermittently been prime minister since 2000, to resign.

The National Parliament building, a police station, and businesses have been set alight during two tumultuous days in which police failed to control the mob.

This chaos is unnerving and tragic... and it's also inevitable.

Nations around the world are capitulating more and more to actual colonialism by the Chinese, and trying their best to suck up to the wishes of China's President Xi. In places like the Solomon Islands where internal tensions already run high, alliances with Beijing will likely serve as a flashpoint, just as they are increasingly doing around the world.

More from Daily Wire:

The spat is centered around two main islands about 110 kilometers (70 miles) apart with a history of clashing: Guadalcanal, which holds the capital Honiara, and Malaita, the most-populous isle with a third of the nation's 650,000 people. Daniel Suidani, who leads Malaita, has been a vocal critic of the decision to cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favor of Beijing, which opened an embassy in Honiara last year.


"The injection of funds in a small country has been hugely significant, especially compared to what it was receiving from Taiwan," said Mihai Sora, a former Australian diplomat who was based in the Solomons and who is now an expert in Pacific geopolitics for the Lowy Institute research group. "Honiara is awash in stories that since Beijing has taken this interest in the Solomon Islands, the money flowing to parliamentarians outside of formal development packages has increased substantially. The character of that relationship has become more brazen."

How true the stories of Chinese money and influence are, I can't say, although that's exactly what China has been doing all over the world for more than a decade (see: Africa, Central Asia, Europe, the South China Sea, and Eric Swalwell's house).

Many world leaders, filled with abject cowardice and a fancy for Beijing's money, have the gall to say that such capitulation is for the "greater good," just like they're doing with Covid mandates.

Quickest way for the Solomon Islands to end this?

Grow a backbone. Stand up to China.

Protect the inalienable, God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of your own citizens and protect them from the evil foreign communist regime that seeks to destroy them and conquer the world.

Pretty simple stuff!

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