CNBC has “dismantled its climate desk" amid layoffs and will no longer have a dedicated team to cover our impending doom
· Nov 21, 2023 ·

CNBC is going through budget cuts (I wonder why!), meaning they have to decide which news divisions are the most important and which they can cut.

The 24-hour news network has decided that its going to be "dismantling" its "climate desk," which was the company's full-time team for covering climate doom.

I guess either climate change was solved or they decided it's not actually the most important crisis of our lifetime anymore.

The news has been confirmed by a couple of CNBC's reporters.

Absolutely tragic.

They just had to make the tough choice to stop covering fake climate news and focus on other fake news.

In reply to this news it's filled with nothing but sarcastic derision, including one joke I really, really wish I had thought of:

That would be more interesting and more believable, for sure!

When even the CNBC clowns can't keep the climate-apocalypse ruse alive, you know the narrative is falling apart.

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