CNN's Oliver Darcy bemoans the fact that people are “ignoring” cable news and “living their lives”
· Jan 10, 2022 ·

Our favorite cable news potato Brian Stelter asked CNN reporter Oliver Darcy if cable news, broadly, was out of touch with the American people when it comes to Covid.

Darcy's answer is probably the most self-important thing you have ever heard in your entire life.


I think it's hard to argue... a lot of the media seems to be very out of touch with people.

I mean, if you travel the country, people are not really living in the same bubble that it seems that most of the media is messaging toward.

Oh no!

People in the United States are not living in fear like we in the news keep telling them to! How horrific!

I think this is an issue because if people are tuning out what's going on in cable news, if we're not messaging toward the general population, they're just ignoring everything and living their lives and we're not really getting the information they need to them.

What a horrible, horrible thing!

People in the United States are getting fed up with hearing the constant fear on CNN and this is resulting in the worst thing possible for Darcy and his colleagues.

People are ignoring him!

And what's worse, worse even than ignoring the all-important Oliver Darcy, people are "living their lives"!!!

No! It can't be! People aren't watching CNN and sheltering in place for all eternity!

They're tired of the BS and are coming out of their caves to live their lives like normal people.

How could this happen?

Sorry about your ego, CNN, but people are fed up with you and ready to move on with the things that matter and make life worth living.

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