The CDC Director Can't Say How Many Deaths Are WITH Covid Versus FROM Covid And Jordan Peterson Has Had Enough, Buckos
· Jan 10, 2022 ·

Now that Trump is out of the White House and Joe Biden has had a year of failure at "shutting down" the virus, the CDC, NIH, and corporate media are all starting to change their tune when it comes to Covid.

One example of this we just reported is Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC, saying this on Good Morning America about the reality of Covid-19:

3 out of 4 Covid deaths are of people who are very, very, very unhealthy to begin with.

If people knew this from the beginning, or from when it was first known a year and half ago, it would dramatically change the calculus on Covid at the individual level.

Another factor that would change people's math would be if they knew the actual number of people who have died OF Covid rather than WITH Covid.

This headline from Daily Wire further illustrates the dishonesty of our institutions.

How many have died WITH Covid versus OF Covid? That number is an absolute mystery, and the CDC, if they do know, is not shedding light on the issue at all.

Here's Jordan Peterson with, as always, a measured take on this revelation:

This is absolutely correct. It is outrageous that the CDC won't share the number of people who have died WITH Covid versus OF Covid.

They're caught in a sort of Catch-22. If they reveal that number, they will reveal that they are liars and not trustworthy. If they continue to hide it, more and more people will lose faith in public health institutions.

They're just now slowly backpedaling on the fear because they know they can't escape their own trap without going back on their most ridiculous claims.

The CDC, along with the NIH and corporate media, have peddled straight fear for 2 years now, making people think that healthy individuals are at risk from Covid.

Here's the numbers by age from the CDC:

Like everyone has known from the beginning, this is a virus that targets older people and unhealthy people, especially those who are obese.

That's what we are dealing with.

Yet we have kids wearing masks to school, college students quarantined in their dorms, and healthy young people having to show proof of vax in order to participate in society.

The world has gone crazy.

And now, the CDC, NIH, the media, and the Democrats are finally saying what we've known to be true the whole time about Covid. They're just saying it now so they can move on from the pandemic AND declare themselves the victors.

And you know what, their plan might sadly work.

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