Coke is pausing its woke "diversity" plan after extreme backlash and the resignation of its chief lawyer
· May 5, 2021 ·

There's a certain saying we recite often around these parts about the relationship between going woke and parting ways with your money:

I'm not gonna lie, ever since Coke told me to "be less white," I haven't had a sip of their products – and I have to admit, having less caffeinated sugar in my diet has been nothing but great!

Turns out, maybe millions of others felt the same. Coca-Cola's chief general counsel Bradley Gayton – who designed Coke's diversity plan and tried to impose racial quotas in hiring lawyers – has abruptly quit the company with a nice, fat settlement:

"As part of the agreement, [Gayton] will receive a $4 million sign-on payment and a monthly consulting fee of $666,666, beginning this month and ending April 2022," said Coke on the lawyer's resignation.

$666,666? No one would ever infer anything nefarious from a number like that, Coke!

Ah, to be a black man earning nearly 700 grand a month for doing nothing and still claiming America is a backward, racist place must be the life!

Coke's new general counsel Monica Howard Douglas is "pausing" Gayton's very racist "diversity" plan:

"When asked about Gayton's diversity initiative, Douglas indicated that Coca-Cola was ‘taking a pause for now' but would likely salvage some parts of the plan,' the outlet noted, citing a source. Douglas didn't provide any additional details about what would remain and what would be scrapped."

I'd say Coke might have learned its lesson about wokeism, but given their public opposition to Georgia's voter integrity law, call me a skeptic.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other beverage companies to enjoy that don't hate my guts for the color of my skin (yet).

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