Come laugh at this thread of Twitter blue checks crying about Elon's imminent purchase of Twitter
ยท Apr 25, 2022 ยท

Journalist Andy Ngo has been busy all morning hunting for the greatest meltdowns to Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter (which could be finalized today), and boy oh boy did he find some great ones.

First, we have this Virginia Democrat who is VERY afraid of Orange Man Bad returning to Twitter, where he would be free to use all the best words to own the libs and make America great again.

I expect that Atima Omara will be shocked to learn that actual dictators who brutally execute and imprison millions of people are allowed on Twitter!

Nevertheless, the author of "White Tears" says his quality of life will decrease if Trump is allowed back on a [checks notes] virtual messaging platform.

Next there's a random gay radio host who is super upset that a man who builds rockets and electric cars in Texas might be in charge of Twitter... as opposed to Saudi oligarchs who will behead you if you're gay.

Next, there's a Young Turks host that's wondering if there are any leftist billionaires who could create their own Big Tech platforms... as opposed to the thousands of right-wing billionaires known for their control of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Hollywood!!

Speaking of leftist billionaires, here's a journalist who works for Bezos over at WaPo:

Don't you love the objectivity???

Here's a random gamer who HATES The Bee and is verified with only 2,000 followers, which is weird, because I keep following these conservative peeps with millions of followers and very few have blue checks. I bet when Elon takes over he will end this fair and balanced practice!! Sad!

While we're at it, we might as well let this esteemed radio host get the "Elon is gonna make Twitter racist" jokes out of the way:

Next, this cosmologist makes a pretty good argument. Everyone she agrees with thinks Elon Musk is bad; therefore, Elon Musk is bad. LOGIC!

Then there's actress Yvette Nicole Brown, who learned so much from playing a conservative Christian mom on NBC's Community that she tweeted this out:

I'll circle back like Jen Psaki to end with this enlightened thought from this former corporate finance lawyer:

If you support the free exchange of ideas, you're a โ€” wait for it โ€”

Blue checks are gonna blue check!

Make sure to tell them if they don't like it they can build their own social media platform!

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