If you truly want to understand modern progressivism, you only have to be aware of this one single easy-to-remember fact
· Apr 25, 2022 · NottheBee.com

A number of years ago there was a big to-do among liberals about the concept of "feminism." Every liberal was obsessed with it. "Male feminist" became a badge of honor rather than an embarrassing insult. T-shirts proliferated with slogans like "This Is What a Feminist Look Like" (alas, most of them were only bought and worn by male feminists). At one point Beyonce performed in front of a giant sign that said "FEMINIST" and everyone just went nuts. Variations of the same slogan made the rounds: "If you believe men and women are equal, you're a feminist."

How can it be, then, that just a few short years later, the same people who called themselves "feminists" have fully embraced transgender ideology and are now unequivocally in favor of men competing in, and dominating, women's sports leagues? How is it that onetime members of the feminist vanguard are now maniacally committed to giving men complete and total access to women's bathrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms?

What happened?

To understand the bizarre and dangerous transformation of liberalism from something of a single-minded feminist clique to a movement that we could very realistically describe as "anti-woman," you only have to understand this one rock-solid, inarguable fact of modern politics in the United States:

Liberals are utterly and completely terrified of ever appearing like they agree with conservatives about anything, and this fear motivates nearly everything they believe, do and say.

Once you grasp this, then everything pretty much falls into place. It explains why progressives appear increasingly comfortable with the idea of, for instance, post-abortion infanticide: Because they sense that this is a thing to which conservatives are very much opposed, and so they worry if they too are opposed to it, then someone might think they are conservative.

It also explains why, say, liberals have gone so far as to support the genital mutilation and synthetic poisoning of children as young as ten.

Because they know that conservatives are broadly opposed to transgender ideology, and so liberals fear that if they themselves oppose any aspect of transgender ideology—even the castration of 10-year-old boys and hysterectomies for girls too young to have started their menstrual cycles—then they, too, might seem to be conservative.

They don't want that!

It even extends to more mundane political considerations: Consider that in the final year of the Trump administration, liberals were aggressively encouraging Americans to be very afraid of the vaccines being developed by scientists under the Trump administration's Operation Warp Speed; doing so now will get you banned from every major social media platform in a heartbeat.

For liberals, no amont of common ground can ever be ceded with conservatives. It is simply too horrible for them to think about.

You can see this playing out elsewhere: The writer Freddie DeBoer—himself a socialist but also an aggressive critic of much of modern progressivism—recently noted that liberals are unwilling to criticize the proliferation of fake mental illnesses among TikTok teenagers because they're "doggedly attached to never seeming to echo conservative complaints." It's just hardwired into the progressive political playbook these days.

That's the most salient fact you must remember about modern American liberalism: It exists entirely as a reaction-driven philosophy to modern American conservatism.

That's why we're seeing a radical, dangerous shift of support toward the mutilation of young children, the subjugation of women to unfair competition and dangerous scenarios in intimate spaces, and numerous other wild-eyed ideologies and policies. Increasingly, if they think a conservative might, in some way, support something, liberals will find a way to be opposed to it.

Heaven knows how we got here. But here we are. And now you know.

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