"I Have No More Tears": Read How Conditions For Athletes In Beijing Are Beyond Brutal In Every Imaginable Way
ยท Feb 8, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

Things are not okay in Beijing.

Athletes from all over the world went to Commie China hoping to compete and represent their country on the world stage. But they did not expect things to be so, so bad in the Olympic village.

From The Guardian:

Plummeting temperatures are usually a given at the Games, but the Swedish delegation are urging cross-country skiing events to be held earlier in the day after one athlete, Frida Karlsson, was seen shaking and close to collapse at the end of the women's 7.5km+7.5km skiathlon...

Freezing cold conditions, and no regard for the safety of athletes. And that's just the start.

Meanwhile the Polish speed skater Natalia Maliszewska, who was forced to miss the 500m short track event on Saturday, revealed that she had faced fear and uncertainty in a Beijing isolation ward after testing positive for Covid.

"Since a week I have been living in fear and these changes in mood," she said. "I cry until I have no more tears and make not only the people around me worry but myself too," she said.

"People got me out of my room at 3am," she said. "This night was a horror, I slept in my clothes in my bed because I was afraid that at any moment someone would take me back to isolation. Then a message that unfortunately they were mistaken, that I am a threat, and should not have been released from isolation.

"I have to get back to the Olympic Village as soon as possible," she added. "I can't understand this anymore. I no longer believe in any tests, any Olympics. To me this is a big joke, I hope whoever is managing this has a lot of fun. My heart and my mind can't take this anymore."

This Polish athlete was kept in the Covid ward after testing positive, and, even though she shows no symptoms, she is forced to stay there. The Chinese Olympic officials aren't giving her any info and can't be trusted.

She's being held against her will because of China's insane zero-Covid policy. She doesn't even know if they are giving her accurate test results.

Here's another video testimony from Belgian skeleton racer Kim Meylemans detailing how Chinese Covid protocols have scared the heck out of her.

Meanwhile, the food is also questionable at the games.

From the Washington Examiner:

The food for the athletes is subpar, according to German Alpine skiing coach Christian Schwaiger.

The dining options are not only limited, but they also present a challenge to keeping the Olympians fueled for competition, he said.

"The catering is extremely questionable because really it's not catering at all," Schwaiger said. "There are no hot meals."

"There are crisps, some nuts and chocolate, and nothing else. This shows a lack of focus on high-performance sport."

Team USA officials, possibly recognizing the poor catering of the Chinese organizers, brought a surplus of food, including bags of pasta, to Beijing, according to a report.

They are just being given snacks while being forced to stay on ski slopes all day. No hot food at all.

And this is how China is treating Olympic athletes, their supposed guests. Imagine if you were an enemy of China. Imagine the Uyghur concentration camps.

Things are really going about as well as we all imagined they'd go in Commie China.

It's not a shock, but it is very sad what these athletes are going through.

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