Congratulations, trans activists: You've helped a male, blood-drinking, Satanist, rapist/murderer get into a women's correctional facility and possibly impregnate two prisoners
· Apr 16, 2022 ·

You may be among the lucky Americans to have never learned of the terrible case of Perry Cerf, a man who in 2002 committed unspeakable violence against a woman in New Jersey:

A man was accused of raping, robbing and murdering a woman, Bergen County authorities said today.

The man, Perry R. Cerf, 19, was driving the woman's car and wearing her clothes when he was stopped by the police in Demarest, N.J., for speeding, authorities said.

Those discoveries led officers to the nude body of a 47-year-old woman in a ravine next to a shuttered auto dealership in River Edge, said John L. Molinelli, the county prosecutor.

Cerf did not just kill the woman, however [warning: violent/disturbing]:

[I]n a letter to the New York Daily News, he wrote: "Yeah, I killed her. I punched and kicked her to death, crushing her skull in the process.

"One of the kicks landed in such a way that it broke her neck and all of a sudden, her head was on backward. Since I have an unusual taste for blood, I drank and licked and lapped up my fill."

He also wrote: "Let it be known - I am Lucifer's Maiden servant, sent to Earth born of sin, to bring suffering and pain, darkness and evil."

Bad, evil guy. Bad dude. But don't worry, he's safely locked away—inside New Jersey's only women's prison!

During [2005], Cerf began to identify as a woman.

According to the website of the New Jersey state Department of Corrections, Cerf is now listed as "female" in official documents and has been transferred to New Jersey's only correctional facility for women, Edna Mahan.

The date of his transfer is not specified, though it may have occurred some time during the past year.

That's no lie: A female-identified inmate with the alias of "Perry Cerf" is listed in New Jersey prison records as being housed at EMCF, or Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women.

Anything interesting going on at EMCF these days? Well:

In a New Jersey jail that's supposed to house only women, two of the women have somehow – mysteriously – become impregnated by their fellow inmates after "trans women" were allowed inside.

Now, you might ask yourself in anger: "Who is to blame for this? Who allowed it that a murderous, literally bloodthirsty man could declare himself a woman, gain access to a women's prison, and potentially impregnate two females there?"

The answer, of course, is LGBTQ activists! For years they've been pushing for the complete and total mainstreaming and acceptance of transgender ideology. They wanted this and now they've got it.

And just to be clear, this deranged activism has had the sanction and support of some of the nation's most preeminent institutions:

In June 2021, New Jersey adopted a policy allowing for male convicts to be housed in the female prison estate following a settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Great job, ACLU, you really protected those "civil liberties" this time. And well done, transgender activists, this is truly your day!

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