The Department Of Defense Just Released An "Equity Action Plan" And I'm Sure This Is Probably The Most Important Thing For Our Military To Focus On Right Now
· Apr 16, 2022 ·

Well, ladies and gentlemen, if there was any doubt that the United States military has been handed over to the ultrawoke lefties this makes it clear.

The Pentagon just released an "Equity Action Plan" which is meant to fulfill the leftwing, Marxist goals of providing diversity, inclusion, and equity.

From Fox News:

The Department of Defense issued an equity report, aiming to equalize outcomes for employees and partners across racial, sexual and gender lines.

The DOD released its equity report alongside all other departments of President Biden's administration this week. In the text, the DOD explained a series of procedural changes to better align with the White House's demands for "equity."

"While the Department has historically focused on increasing equity within the DOD community, the collective actions described in this plan represent a shift in the Department's approach and focus to better ensure that we leverage our capabilities to create opportunities for all Americans," the Department of Defense wrote in its report.

The White House has required all departments to put together a plan for "equity", which means Marxist equality of outcome, and I can't think of a more dangerous department embracing these ideals than the US military.

First, the DOD announced it will seek to rearrange its supply chain in order to open up opportunities for underserved communities. It will also bolster a variety of programs aimed at assisting those same communities in the area of military bases, such as American Indian initiatives and environmental efforts.

In February 2021, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered military leaders at all levels of command to facilitate "discussion of the principle that all those who support DOD's mission deserve an environment free of discrimination, hate and harassment."

The report continued, "This included a focus on how extremist or dissident ideologies violate the fundamental principles of the Department."

By "extremist ideologies" they don't mean radical leftists or BLM, they don't even mean radical terrorists. No, Secretary of State Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley have already made it clear that they are most worried about things like "white rage".

If you do not buy into the radical woke ideology of today then YOU are an extremist in the eyes of the Department of Defense.

In their list of accomplishments, the DoD bragged about their inclusion of transgender soldiers.

DoD took steps to ensure transgender individuals who wished to serve in the military and could meet the appropriate standards were able to do so openly and free from discrimination. The Department accomplished this by revising multiple policies to bring them into compliance with EO 13985 and EO 14004, Enabling All Qualified Americans to Serve Their Country in Uniform.

Military standards were changed in order to allow transgendered people to serve in the military.

And this is considered an accomplishment?

Also from the report:

Regarding the updated policies providing protection to transgender Service members, internal accountability on key issues focused on readiness, equity, evolving medical science, and organizational culture are reviewed by the Accession Medical Standards Working Group and Transgender Care Integrated Product Team.

"Equity" and "evolving medical science" are determining factors in letting men who think they are women, or women who think they are men, join the United States military.

What a woke joke.

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