This Dude Moved From Texas To San Fran Because "They Pay You To Be Homeless." Listen To How He Regularly Sees Death And Sells Fentanyl To Teens With No Police Enforcement.
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Michael Shellenberger, author of various books including San Fransicko, posted this video on Twitter of him interviewing a homeless man on the streets of San Fran.

In this interview, the homeless dude explains that he moved to "Frisco" because they pay you to be homeless, and the cops don't bother you, and he openly brags about selling drugs to teenagers.

Yep, it's as insane as it sounds.

[Language Warning]

Homeless Guy: You're gonna be homeless it's pretty f------ easy here. I mean, if we're gonna be realistic, they pay you to be homeless here!

Shellenberger: When you say that San Francisco pays people to be homeless, what did you mean by that? Do you mean that literally?

HG: Yeah, I mean, I get 620 bucks a month dude.

Shellenberger: From general assistance or...?

HG: Yeah.

Shellenberger: Is that hard to get, or...?

HG: F------- phone call, bro! A F------ phone call! 200 food stamps and 620 bucks cash a month! Forget about it! Why wouldn't I do it? It's f------ free money, dude.

Yes, in London Breed's amazing city by the bay, San Francisco, it pays to be a homeless dude.

$820 a month, from the city and the state, to live on the street. I can see why homeless people are flocking to the city.

This right now is literally by choice. Literally by choice. Like, why would I wanna pay rent, I'm not doing s---. I've got a f------ cell phone that I have Amazon Prime and Netflix on.

We used to battle with the cops. Now, it's like the cops are, it's like they're your neighbor, you know?

The cops told us this morning, like, "Oh, it would be easier if you guys packed up in the morning, we wouldn't have to come out here." And I'm like, "What are you talking about?" And they're like, "pack up your s--- in the morning." And I'm like, "why?', you know? And it's like "okay."

So, the cops don't even care at all that there are these homeless encampments taking over the city. Where crime and drugs flow free. They sort of say something to the homeless, and they get ignored, and everyone goes along with their day.

Absolute insanity!

This last part of the interview is truly disturbing and disgusting. The homeless dude talks about how he sold fentanyl to teenagers.

These two kids came up and they were like "Hey, do you know how to get oxycontin?"

They were probably about 15 or 16.

And I'm like, I'm an old school junkie. And I'm like, look dude, Imma tell you right now, like, you're not gonna get oxycontin out here on the street.

I'm like, how much money are you trying to spend? And they're like, "We got $40" And I said, "Okay, this is what I'm going to do..." and I took their money and I got em fentanyl. And I f------ brought it back and I set it down in front of 'em and I said, "This is a gram of fentanyl. This is enough to kill six people that have never used it. What I do to get high is this much" and I showed 'em how much I do. I was like, "I'm keeping your money and now I'm gonna teach you how to save each others lives. Because you're not gonna f------ stop. I'm not gonna steer you away from doing it. But the best thing I can do for you now is give you real drugs and show you how to do it properly and show you how to save your friend's life." And I showed him how to pull up Narcan and how to inject each other with the Narcan needle in case he died.

I needed the money, let's be honest.

Absolutely heartbreaking.

Oh, and there's plenty more.

Watch at your own risk.

Death, rape, drugs. It's absolutely criminal what progressive policies have done in these major cities.

Here's another homeless dude, Ben, who moved from Alabama to be homeless in California.

Legalizing homelessness is maybe the most destructive policy on earth. Compound that with cities paying people to be homeless and this is what you end up with.

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