The heck?? Massive chunks of ice are falling through roofs in both Florida and Wisconsin

May 27th

What in the world?

A 12.6-pound chunk of ice smashed through a family's home in western Wisconsin and landed inches from the homeowner, who said it "grazed" him and that he would have "kicked the bucket" if it had fallen just a few more inches toward him.

As soon as that came through, everything else was like dust of insulation. I couldn't see. All I know is God had to have been watching out for me because I could've died, I could've.

Here's a closeup of the hole in the roof:

This was the massive ice chunk:

There were no storms in the area and no other explanation for the occurrence. The largest hail stone ever recorded was two pounds, so unless there's an armageddon-sized storm coming our way, methinks it's not a natural phenomenon.

Here's the kicker: the same thing happened last week in Florida:

What is going on??

A bowling-ball sized ice ball doesn't materialize in the sky and blast through multiple layers of wood at terminal velocity for no reason.

Is this somehow related to the Chinese rocket booster that crashed earlier this month?

Is a madman throwing ice chunks out of planes?

Are the UFOs finally launching their attack on humans?

I don't know, but keep an eye on the skies!

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