Depravity beyond measure: Indiana University erects statue to honor wicked pedophile

Yesterday the Daily Wire's Matt Walsh used his formidable platform to draw attention to this bit of news coming out of Indiana University in Bloomington:

If you're looking for definitive evidence of just how grotesque, corrupt, and depraved academia has become, this is it. It defies common sense, reasonable judgement, even sanity for an institution of higher learning to debase itself by honoring such a noted fraud and wicked pedophile. Of course they know they'll get away with it – that isn't the point. The question is why they even want to honor such perverse evil?

It's an issue I've been writing about for over a decade, asking why a university culture that happily rode the wave of #MeToo, decrying everything from actual sexual violence to made-up, theoretical phenomenon like the "male gaze," would channel hundreds of millions of dollars to an entire research center named after the godfather of sexual trauma.

Keep in mind, Indiana University is located in the same state as the plucky Indy Star journalists who worked diligently to expose former U.S. gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser for doing just a fraction of the things the disgraced zoologist-turned-self-proclaimed-sex-researcher Alfred Kinsey did.

Acknowledged in the New York Times, there exists a revolting record of in-depth reports on Kinsey's sexual experiments on children as young as infants. Much of it came to light after the esteemed Dr. Judith Reisman blew the lid off Kinsey's crimes. Just a warning, this is going to be graphic, but it's important information.

Quantified by his own handmade charts and graphs, the man IU has now honored with a bronze statue facilitated the sexual violation of up to 2,035 infants and children that included oral and anal sodomy, manual abuse, and genital intercourse.

In Kinsey's landmark book, "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male," Table 34 reveals sickening data that would make Larry Nassar, Harvey Weinstein, and the vilest pedophiles blush.

Journalist Jonathon van Maren reported 8 years ago how Kinsey went so far, "as to record children shrieking and thrashing in pain, passing out and convulsing as the result of the hellish abuse he was putting them through, as evidence of ‘orgasm.'"

Let me make sure you read that right. For his own "research," Kinsey attempted to make children orgasm, and when they didn't or couldn't, he would essentially torture their tiny bodies trying.

Not only does Indiana University feel no shame over all this, the school has historically done everything in its power to protect Kinsey's reputation while attacking his accusers. During her tenure as the head of Indiana University's Kinsey Institute, documents now prove June Reinisch directed a relentless legal badgering of Dr. Reisman's efforts to expose Kinsey's crimes.

Dr. Reisman's pro bono legal team initially filed a defamation lawsuit against Indiana University's Kinsey Institute and Reinisch that was eventually dismissed not on merit, but because Reisman's team could not afford competing with IU's inexhaustible legal budget.

To this day, despite being a public institution, Indiana University keeps a lid on all contemptible records of Kinsey's work, and reportedly refuses access to its files for those researchers whose efforts call into question the conduct or methodology of Alfred Kinsey.

It's a remarkable commentary on the state of academia when you consider that in an era of statue-toppling, Robert E. Lee, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson can't make the grade, but a child-molesting, fraudulent zoologist gets erected in bronze.

I'd say God help us, but why would He?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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