Or, WaPo, hear me out: The new law doesn't actually keep anyone from voting
· May 23, 2022 · NottheBee.com

This headline from the Washington Post may be my new favorite example of the corporate media still claiming to have gotten the story right when the facts show they got the story completely wrong.

Yes, despite the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) constantly whining and groaning about election integrity laws in Georgia being "voter suppression," the polls in Georgia are busier than ever.

This was supposed to be "Jim Crow 2.0" but all I see is even more people voting than before.

Worst voter suppression attempt ever.

But after three weeks of early voting ahead of Tuesday's primary, record-breaking turnout is undercutting predictions that the Georgia Election Integrity Act of 2021 would lead to a falloff in voting. By the end of Friday, the final day of early in-person voting, nearly 800,000 Georgians had cast ballots — more than three times the number in 2018, and higher even than in 2020, a presidential year.

I can't believe that the evil Republicans tried so hard to keep black people from voting.

They tried so hard that they've seen more people voting than ever before!

But doesn't that prove that the "voter suppression" alarmists were wrong?

Well, they're Democrats, so of course not.

The Election Integrity Act, also known as Senate Bill 202, unleashed a furious backlash when it passed. Biden called it "Jim Crow 2.0." Abrams accused its authors of "reviving Georgia's dark past of racist voting laws." The clothing retailer Patagonia condemned the bill, and Major League Baseball moved its All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

The law imposes new identification requirements for those casting ballots by mail, curtails the use of drop boxes for absentee ballots, makes it a crime for third-party groups to hand out food and water to voters standing in line, blocks the use of mobile voting vans — like the ones Fulton County used in 2020 after purchasing two vehicles at a cost of more than $700,000 — and prevents local governments from directly accepting grants from the private sector for election administration.

All this trumped-up fake outrage accomplished its goal. More Democrats are voting than ever before just because they've been lied to about efforts to prevent them from voting.

I mean, look at this testimony:

Patsy Reid — 70 years old, Black and retired — said she was surprised she didn't encounter problems when she voted early this month. Reid cast her ballot for Abrams in the Democratic primary but feared that her vote could be discounted given reports of voter suppression against people of color in Georgia.

"I had heard that they were going to try to deter us in any way possible because of the fact that we didn't go Republican on the last election, when Trump didn't win," Reid said. "To go in there and vote as easily as I did and to be treated with the respect that I knew I deserved as an American citizen — I was really thrown back."

This older lady believed the lies that fake governor Stacey Abrams told about the election bill and was actually SHOCKED that she was able to vote with no issues.

This is what happens when you just believe what politicians tell you and don't read the bill.

No one is keeping any eligible person from voting.

But the lie worked the way it was intended. It has energized the Georgia Democrat voting base.

That was the goal all along.

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