Watch this lady unload on a spa for defending a "trans woman" who walked around naked in front of women and girls, showing junk to everyone

Jun 28th

Watch both parts of the confrontation at Wi Spa in Los Angeles here [language warning]:

In the video, you hear the hero of a woman confronting the employees of the spa, to which they reply that the man has a right to the women's only section.

Another customer, a young woman, is seen asking for a refund. You can see other women, including very young girls in the background of the video.

Make no mistake, this is exactly what the left is advocating for - unlimited access to women's spaces. If the Equality Act passes, there will be no public spaces where women can expect to be protected from this type of harassment, and as you can easily imagine, much much worse.

Women's bathrooms, women's prisons, girls' locker rooms, women's shelters, and, yes, women's spas are all subject to this evil in the name of "inclusion." So yes, women's bathrooms, women's prisons, girls' locker rooms, women's shelters, and women's spas will effectively become a thing of the past.

This is precisely the opposite of women's rights, where women can no longer expect any protection from the law in public places, and just like the woke young man in the second video, they can expect men to side against them rather than stand up for them.

This is truly a tragedy for women and girls and people need to WAKE UP and like the woman in this video let themselves be heard. Oh, and a real man would do the same thing.


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