Fact Check: True

Apr 6th

Listen to the man. He is right.

You think Democrat politicians don't understand perfectly well exactly what they're doing?

You think they don't know that they're lying through their teeth when they call HAVING TO SHOW YOUR FREAKING I.D. TO VOTE "Jim Crow on steroids"??

Just by way of reminder...

So having to show an ID to vote is worse than that, eh?

You have to show your ID to board a plane, buy a beer, buy a cigar, or do myriad other things in the country.

So why do Democrats flail about with such far-fetched and panic-stricken claims when it comes to voting?

Because they don't want voters to have to show IDs.

Why don't they want voters to have to show IDs?

Everyone knows.

Don't kid yourself.


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