Spare a thought for Joe Biden because he told Kamala Harris he loved her and she didn't say it back to him and you know how badly that stings 😭
· Jan 22, 2022 ·

Guys, you know what it feels like: The prettiest gal in your class, she's all you think about, she's way out of your league but you think you've got what it takes, so you make a full-court press and just out-and-out tell her how you feel and then...this happens:


It's hard to see a guy crash and burn like that; man, it's so painful we barely feel like it's appropriate to make any jokes about it. Aw heck okay, just a few.

Consider that Biden can get a crowd of random Virginians to say they love him but can't wheedle the same thing out of his vice president:

Consider that former President Barack Obama used to tell hecklers in the crowd that he loved them, while Kamala couldn't say the same thing about Joe during a live DNC broadcast:

Even consider—man, this one hurts—that Biden as vice president once said, unprompted, that he loved President Obama, but Kamala, when prompted, refused to say it herself:

It's ice cold. It hurts. Pour one out for Biden.

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