Florida Rep. Cory Mills, who rescued Americans in Afghanistan and Israel, airlifts 23 from Haiti. One is an author that most of you know.
ยท Mar 18, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

All the airports and ports in Haiti are shut down. Which makes this effort from Rep. Cory Mills of Florida that much more impressive.

It's with great pride I announce that our team successfully conducted another rescue of 13 Americans out of PAP Haiti. Our team has now successfully rescued and evacuated more Americans than Biden and his entire administration.

Americans deserve support from their government. Not the pattern of abandonment this administration has shown.

Just one elected Florida man doing the job that our president refuses to do.

(But don't worry: Biden would come get you ... if you're a lesbian celebrity basketball player.)

These 13 Americans were the second batch rescued from the failed Caribbean state. Last week, Mills pulled 8 Americans, 1 Canadian and a French volunteer off the island.

One of those rescued by Mills in the first airlift was the renowned author Mitch Albom (he wrote that Tuesdays with Morrie book you were forced to read in English class).

Albom runs an orphanage in Haiti and was in need of rescue after Barbecue and his thugs took over the country.

The first rescue last week. Albom is in the center (blue shirt).

Mills previously rescued Americans stranded by President Biden in Afghanistan after the disastrous U.S. withdrawal. Then Mills and his team facilitated the evacuation of more than 30 Americans in Israel in the wake of the October 2023 Hamas terrorist attack.

Mills is on board to rescue any Americans still stranded abroad.

He told FOX News over the weekend, "If Americans are abroad and in trouble, I will continue to come to their aid."


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