This Guatemalan accused of causing a cop's death while resisting arrest has been released. You'll never guess why.
· Mar 18, 2024 ·

A 19-year-old Guatemalan man has been released by ICE after charges were dropped in a aggravated manslaughter case where the migrant Virgilio Aguilar Mendez was accused in the killing of St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Michael Kunovich while resisting arrest.

The twist?

Mendez's lawyer got him out of the charge because Mendez doesn't speak English.

(I guess fighting against the cops is okay if you can't understand what they're saying.)

On Friday, Aguilar Mendez's lawyer, Phillip Arroyo, shared a TikTok video showing the moment Mendez was released for the first time since May 2023. The video shows the teen smiling and nodding while speaking with Arroyo as they walk toward a camera.

"Virgilio Aguilar finally FREE! God is great," Arroyo wrote in a caption in Spanish.

Sgt. Kunovich died from a heart attack after collapsing during a struggle where Mendez tried to resist arrest.

The officer who died told Mendez he was under arrest in English, then when Mendez resisted, other Spanish-speaking officers intervened.

Aguilar Mendez's attorney, Jose Baez, argued his client was confused and did not understand the purpose or reason for the officers to pile on him, to physically strike him multiple times and the repeated use of a Taser by Sgt. Kunovich.

At one point, Mendez got ahold of a knife.

The deputies then handcuffed the migrant, but he managed to acquire a small pocketknife. The office did not say if the migrant attempted to use the weapon.

All of this was considered moot after the attorney claimed Mendez wasn't properly read his rights or given an interpreter.

A lawsuit filed by Baez claimed Lt. Jose Jimenez, another responding deputy, did not make Aguilar Mendez aware of his Miranda rights or attempt to obtain an interpreter for him.

Yeah, he got off on a clerical error.

It's important to note that Officer Kunovich had a history of heart disease and had a prior heart attack. Many people have weighed in, saying aggravated manslaughter in the case was overreach.

And if the police arrested you for, say, protesting against porn in school and they upped that charge to manslaughter because a cop arresting you collapsed, you'd think that was unjust.

But we live in a world where justice is not equally applied.

The media was quick to note that Kunovich died of natural causes according to the coroner's report, but I'm still waiting for them to report the toxicology on George Floyd's autopsy and the bodycam footage showing where the officer kneeled on Floyd's shoulder blade.

And remember the Virginia dad who had his daughter raped by a boy who "identifies as" a girl? Remember how the local DA tried to throw the book at him for getting angry at a school board meeting?

In that case, the DA wanted the father to serve jail time for "disorderly conduct and resisting arrest."

In this case, the illegal is completely released with zero consequences.

Look at how happy he is:

Question: Why does our justice system target American citizens and treat illegal aliens with kid gloves?

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