Florida woman wins $2 million scratch-off after spending her life savings on her daughter's cancer treatment
· Apr 17, 2023 · NottheBee.com

I love these feel good stories, especially on Monday.

Check this out: A Florida woman drained her entire life savings to pay for her daughter's breast cancer treatment, and then, literally a day after the treatment was complete, she got hit with this gem right here.

A Florida mother won $2 million in the lottery, just days after she finished paying off her daughter's cancer treatment.




How awesome is that?

No better lady to come across this ticket than Geraldine Gimblet, who has zero dollars to her name thanks to the kindness of her heart.

Here's a little look behind the luck:

Today, the Florida Lottery (Lottery) announces that Geraldine Gimblet, of Lakeland, claimed a $2 million top prize from the $2,000,000 BONUS CASHWORD Scratch-Off game at Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee. She chose to receive her winnings as a one-time, lump-sum payment of $1,645,000.00.

When asked about the story of her big win, Gimblet shared, "At first the gas station clerk thought there were no tickets left, but I asked him to double check because I like the crossword games the best. He found the last one!"

Okay, that's more than luck right there. That's getting down in the dirt and making that lotto money the hard way!

You earned it, Geraldine!

And for paying off your daughter's medical bills and keeping her healthy, I think you deserve it!

Let's see how her daughter's doing, shall we?

Gimblet's daughter's beaming smile turned to tears as she shared what the win meant to her. "The day before my mom bought this ticket, I rang the bell and walked out of the hospital after completing my last treatment for breast cancer. My mom had taken out her life savings to take care of me when I was sick. I?m just so happy for her!" Gimblet was joined by her daughter and granddaughter to claim her big win, and when Chief of Staff, Reggie Dixon heard about the Gimblets, he came downstairs to join the celebration.




Crazy timing right there.

Just one day later!

What are the chances?

The chances of winning the $2 million prize in the "Bonus Cashword" game are just 1 in 3,921,270, according to the Florida Lottery's website.

Not really the chances I was talking about, but I'll take it.

Well, I'm glad I could start the week with a story like this one. Makes me wanna get out there and do some good deeds, make people smile.

Prayers up to Geraldine and her daughter and I hope those treatments kicked cancer's butt!

I'll leave this here for you fine people and I wish you a happy Monday.

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