Ford says you can install this new tracking app for pedestrians that will stop their vehicles from running you over
· · Sep 20, 2022 ·

Ever worry about getting run over by a car being driven by a computer;?

Well, does Ford have the mobile phone solution for you.

The company just announced that they've developed technology with Commsignia, PSS, Ohio State University, T-Mobile, and Tome Software that will stop their computer-run Fords from running over pedestrians and bicyclists.

All you have to do is install their tracking app.


According to a Ford press release:

The concept smartphone app running on a pedestrian's phone uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) messaging to communicate their location to a connected Ford vehicle. If the vehicle calculates a potential crash risk, Ford SYNC® can alert drivers by the in-vehicle screen showing graphics of pedestrians, bicyclists or more with audio alerts sounding.

BLE connectivity technology creates personal area networks using radio waves to communicate with other devices, and it is already widely available in smartphones.

So, there you are driving along, when your phone buzzes.

Who's there?

A warning that you're about to hit a pedestrian, who as it happens is also getting a warning that they're about to be hit by a car.

What happens if you don't have a mobile phone or don't want Ford tracking you with their handy app?

Jim Buczkowski, Executive Director, Research and Advanced Engineering says,

Newer Ford vehicles already with Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology can detect and help warn drivers of pedestrians, bicyclists, scooter riders and others – and even apply brakes if drivers do not respond in time.

Ah, so basically just "trust the machines."

The new technology will:

...expand vehicle sensing capability, for areas drivers cannot see, to help people drive even more confidently on roads increasingly shared by others using their two feet or two wheels.

Personally, I think I'll take my chances avoiding adding a SkyNet tracing system to my already way too trackable phone.

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