California Gavin Newsom: "This Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"
ยท Jan 24, 2023 ยท

In an audition for the 2024 Democrat nomination, also known as a mainstream media interview, California's Gavin Newsom told a CBS reporter how awful it is that normal people would be allowed to own guns to defend themselves against crime and tyranny.

I mean, this Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact, it feels like. It's just - that's the only question community-wise. What about our kids when they're going to school? What more can we do?


We did another half dozen gun safety bills last year, we'll continue to find whatever loopholes we can. We'll continue to lead the national conversation on gun safety reform.

First off, he's clearly running for president.

Secondly, the absolute GALL of this man, surrounded by security guards, telling you that the Second Amendment is a "suicide pact" and that you can't protect yourself.

He's bragging about just how safe his state is, thanks to him finding "loopholes" in the Second Amendment.

Meanwhile, he is surrounded by armed bodyguards because he knows it's unsafe for him to stroll down a California street.

Here's a recent video of a California street:

Even CBS knows how bad the murder, theft, and addiction is getting:

The fact that Newsom is proud of leading the way in "finding loopholes" (infringing) regarding the phrase "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" is frightening, especially when you look at the utter condition of California right now.

Y'all do realize that many of the worst leaders in history started their careers by disarming people in the name of safety, right?

What's even more frightening is that Newsom is going to bring that same anti-Second Amendment attitude to the national stage when he runs for president.

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