Gay Mayor Pete tells The Daily Show he can't fix roads and bridges because Republicans are trying to protect women's sports ๐Ÿค”
ยท Apr 26, 2023 ยท

Gay Mayor Pete went on the Daily Show, a former comedy program, to complain about Republicans and explain that he can't fix the roads and bridges (or keep trains from derailing, I guess) because Republicans want to protect women from men in their private spaces.

Hit it, Pete!

Okay, so it is tough to blame Pete for this exactly. The interviewer totally framed the question to make Pete say "yes, you are right, it's the culture wars." But still, he COULD have taken responsibility for his failures.

But no, he embraces the wack framing.

Pete complains that during one of his sessions in front of Congress, a recess was called and ALL the attention was taken off of him for a few minutes.

We had to take a break so that they could all go and vote on a bill to kick transgender teenagers off of sports teams. This was the priority for the House GOP that day.

The lady interviewing him shaking her head in disbelief is AH-mazing.

"You mean Republicans want to protect teenage girls from having to share private spaces with naked young men? That's so awful! You mean to tell me Republicans are more concerned with keeping girls from bodily injury than your rants about 'racist roads'? How evil and despicable!"

Pete goes on:

We're literally building bridges and they're literally banning books!

"Republicans are Nazis because they don't want to teach kids about performing sex acts when they're 10!"

Actually, Pete, you're LITERALLY causing trains to derail and Republicans are LITERALLY keeping porn out of kids' hands in schools.

Pete also says that it's crazy to call the DoT "woke" under his leadership.

I remind you again, RACIST ROADS!

Mayor Pete is THE absolute worst.

I'll just say it again, even though I know it will do no good: RESIGN, PETE!

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