NPR defends the graphic queer sex book that's being featured in schools and libraries across the nation
· Jan 6, 2023 ·

Welp, your tax dollars are now paying for NPR to defend porn in schools.

Or, as they would have you think, defend "free speech" against "conservative book banners."

You have to realize though, when The Left talks about conservatives wanting to ban books, what they're really upset about is that they don't get to put pornographic books meant to groom kids into "queer" sex in schools.

Here's the story that's landed NPR in some hot water:

Isn't that so sad? This award-winning book is being kept out of schools by right-wing conservative bigots!

I mean, why could anyone oppose such an inclusive book? It's so inappropriate that school boards are cutting off parents who read from the book that is available in their kids' schools.

[Warning: Sexual Content]

And yet for every school board member who says the book is so crude that it can't even be read aloud in a room full of adults, there are education departments and teachers actively promoting it:

Isn't it just great to know your tax dollars are being used to promote pornography at school while calling YOU a bigot if you have a problem with CHILDREN seeing depictions of sex acts in a book that's meant to groom young people into a sexual lifestyle?

Just like the Founders imagined.

I mean seriously. It's child pornography. Why do they have to act like the author is some sort of poor, put-upon artist?

The only thing worse than NPR publishing this piece are the Democrats who LOVE NPR defending this:

The Democrats and the lefties at NPR are the pro-groomer and pro-pedophile party. Change my mind.

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