Get ready to set your Rage Meter to 11: LA restaurant owner's outdoor dining area shut down by mayor. Days later film production company sets up outdoor dining area 15 feet away.

Dec 5th

Science can be very complicated at times, but it's important we little people not try too hard to understand it lest we become confused and angry, like a gerbil who can't figure out why he's unable to reach a food pellet on the other side of a pane of glass.

It's not our fault, we just aren't as smart as our rulers.

A recent example is Angela Marsden, owner of the Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill, whose outdoor dining area had been shut down by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti because it is very, very dangerous to be eating outdoors under tents with tables set seven feet apart and following every other Covid protocol asked of by the city.

It's just not worth the risk.

However, it is not at all remotely dangerous to be eating outdoors under tents with tables set seven feet apart and following every other Covid protocol asked of by the city if you are a film production company.

This is just common sense.

Unfortunately, Angela Marsden doesn't understand the infinite wisdom of Mayor Garcetti, may he reign forever, and so became surprisingly upset when days after she was shut down throwing all her employees out of work, a film production company set up a similar-looking outdoor dining area right across the parking lot, about 15 feet from her own now-closed patio.

We should be sympathetic here. After all, she's just a business owner providing jobs and livelihoods and a desired service to willing patrons, while film production companies have political power.

As we had mentioned recently, film and television production is exempt from the shutdown orders.

The reasons are obvious. Here is a picture of the Marsden's Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill's life-threatening outdoor seating area.

And here is the film production company's perfectly safe outdoor seating area 15 feet away.

The differences are obvious even to a layman. While Marsden's setup might look safe at first glance, she failed to ensure that actress Nicole Richie and the film studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, would appear at a South Carolina fundraiser to fuel Garcetti's presidential hopes.

You have to get the basics down first if you want to have permission to do business in Los Angeles.

Marsden is helping to organize a protest against the shutting down of restaurants under the apparent belief that we are a county ruled by the consent of the governed.

Don't you just love nostalgia?

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