"Get woke go broke" isn't working on corporate America, but Matt Walsh has a plan
· Apr 6, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Taking down woke corporations through the "go woke, go broke" scheme isn't really happening.

While I and most other conservatives love the idea that this is how things work and that market forces are the primary drivers of corporations that is, sadly, not the case anymore.

James Lindsay has gone to great lengths to explain woke capitalism and why boycotts from conservatives won't work. Basically, you can thank Klaus Schwab and the globalists who are propping up woke industries and rewarding companies for promoting LGBT+ causes. And for now (until the house of cards they've built comes crashing down), the ESG benefits outweigh the market costs.

But Matt Walsh, one of the leading voices battling wokeness in America, has a plan for focused action that COULD bring real results.

First, he explains the problem:

Then Walsh goes on to examine why past boycotts from conservatives have failed.

And they have pretty much all failed.

Sometimes companies like Disney will hide their wokeness in order to get some pressure off their backs. But in reality, no actual changes are made to politics.

I am sure our audience is often great at boycotting and being discerning consumers, not supporting the woke agenda. But most conservatives are not. They're defeatists as Walsh described.

So, what's the solution?

A real, targeted solution.

And, if you're looking at our cultural moment, Bud Light is an obvious target that many could get behind.

There are plenty of alternatives and they've crossed a major line.

Walsh is right, we can't boycott every evil woke company simultaneously. But with concerted effort, maybe we could take down one like Anheuser-Busch.

Then move on to the next.

Many are apparently already on board with this. And I don't just mean Kid Rock shooting a bunch of beer cans.

Here's country star Travis Tritt:

Here's an account from one person who says they've completely cut off all Bud sales at their liquor stores:

The time is now. The target is Bud.

If Matt Walsh's plan is to ever work this is the chance. Bud Light has royally ticked off their fans and the backlash has to be strong enough that they learn their lesson.

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