The FBI interrogated a Delta pilot for an hour in his hotel bathroom, thinking he was part of a training exercise. He wasn't.
· Apr 6, 2023 ·

It's a time-honored rule: When staying in a hotel, always check to make sure you've got the right room number.

That goes double if you're breaking down the door:

A Boston hotel guest was awakened in the middle of the night by federal agents who barged into his room, handcuffed him, threw him into the shower and interrogated him for an hour — before they realized they had entered the wrong room.

So it seems these consummate professional were engaged in a training exercise in which they were supposed to barge into the hotel room, toss a paid actor into the bathroom, and grill him for a while.

I don't exactly know why this is part of the FBI's training repertoire. What exactly is this supposed to teach the agents? How to interrogate a dude on the payroll? There's no field application there. It's kind of beyond me.

Also beyond me is how federal agents could do something as basically stupid as get the wrong room number. But they did:

They pushed into the room, handcuffed the pilot and reportedly put him in the shower, according to the station.

Then the agents interrogated the man, said to be in his 30s, for nearly an hour until they realized they had the wrong guy.

You just have to imagine how that poor guy felt being on the receiving end of what he imagined was a legitimate FBI interrogation.

And you just got to love picturing the other guy waiting in his hotel room for the FBI agents to show up, wondering where the heck they were.

Let's hope this guy parlays his troubles into a hefty payout from the dunderheaded FBI!

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