Girls Summer Camp Partners with Planned Parenthood in Program that Promotes Sexually Explicit Content to Kids
· Jun 18, 2021 ·

A Virginia summer camp, Girls Rock Roanoke, was once focused on teaching girls how to play musical instruments and write songs but will now offer a virtual program to "educate and empower" them hosted by Planned Parenthood.

Girls Rock Roanoke will partner with the abortion giant's online program for kids called "Teen Connections." There you can find leftist indoctrination material for kids of all ages. Yay!

Monica Cline, a former Planned Parenthood sex-ed instructor who is now the founder of the organization It Takes A Family, raised her concerns about giving Planned Parenthood greater access to children.

In a comment to Breitbart News, she warned that Planned Parenthood is very skilled at taking over the role as parents.

"Planned Parenthood is uniquely skilled at getting the attention of future clients and attempting to step into parental roles, especially for young women. Parents need to be aware of these tactics and not only closely watch and vet what their kids are watching and who they are listening to, but step up and have those conversations with their kids about self-image, confidence, and intimacy. Because really, if parents don't do their jobs, Planned Parenthood is happy to take over – and that is terrifying."

The Teen Connection Virtual Summer Program is for grades 6-12. Campers and others who complete the program will receive a $100 Visa gift card and be identified as "peer educators."

Lefty parents don't have to be burdened anymore with the hard work of confusing their children all by themselves. Instead, through the Teen Connections program, they can now just have their kids navigate to the Amaze videos made by Planned Parenthood.

Cause you know, Planned Parenthood is oh so kid friendly…

In one of their videos, you hear the narrator ask "is it normal to watch porn?" and then you hear a booming "Yes!"

Along with discussions of porn and masturbation, they have a lot more topics they go over. Sexual orientation, gender identity, STDs and pregnancy to name a few.

If you're thinking, "But I want to start indoctrinating my children at an even younger age! Is there anything out there for me???"

Yes! Yes, there is. Amaze Jr. is the place for you.

In their intro video, they have a young boy asking "Is it weird that I don't feel like a boy?"

So, that's helpful...

Amaze Jr. has other videos titled, "What Should I know About Gender?" and "How Can I Teach My Values?"

In another video, they show the naked cartoon bodies of young kids alongside an elephant named "Tusky", providing up close illustrated looks at cartoon genitalia:

What target age group do you think the above cartoon is made for?

Oh, and to cast an even wider net, their YouTube channel has AMAZE International.

Planned Parenthood is reaching children all over the world.

Infiltrating kids' summer camps and influencing their 184k YouTube subscribers.

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