Move over, vaccine lotteries: The Netherlands is offering "soused herring" to anyone who gets jabbed!
· Jun 18, 2021 ·

Politicians are coming up with all sorts of wacky-and-disturbing ways to coax people into taking the 'Rona vaccines, but why get jabbed for the chance to win millions when you could win PICKLED FISH???

Early batches of Hollandse nieuwe, or new-season Dutch herring, a traditional delicacy consumed to the tune of 75m a year, are being distributed to vaccination centres around the country as an encouragement for people to get their jabs.

That's great. As the article notes, you could win $1.5 million in California, $1 million in Ohio, and $5 million in New York for getting immunized. Maine is giving away hunting licenses, West Virginia is giving away hunting rifles and trucks, and New Jersey (being the best state in the nation) is giving away dinner with its governor at a place called "Drumthwacket."

Outside the U.S., Moscow's mayor is offering a chance to win free cars and Hong Kong is giving away prizes including an expensive apartment.

Heck, even Indonesia is offering live chickens.

But in the Netherlands, it's all about that fish. Yum!

"A herring for a jab. Who could possibly resist?" said Agnes Leewis, the director of the Dutch fish marketing board.

The reason for this weird giveaway has to do with a yearly auction of fish that's been shut down due to COVID restrictions.

This year, with an auction impossible, due to Covid restrictions, it was presented "on behalf of the Dutch people" to the head of the municipal health services organising the country's vaccination campaign.

More barrels have been sent to vaccination centres nationwide, where the fish – whose annual arrival on 15 June is celebrated with ceremonies and flag-waving – is being offered to staff and to everyone who shows up for their shot.

At least I know a few knights who will be interested!


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