Good luck, women! This weightlifter will be the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics.
· Jun 21, 2021 ·

A transgender athlete named Laurel Hubbard of New Zealand is set to become the first to compete in Olympic weightlifting against women from all across the world.

If you haven't noticed, this is a biological male who is leading the charge to dominate women's sports on the international stage.

Not only that, but "Gavin" decided he wanted to be "Laurel" when he was 35 years old, decades after he had started competing against fellow men. He set records as far back as 1998 in New Zealand's junior competitions.

Amazingly, 8 years after deciding to live as a woman, Hubbard has moved from a mid-tier athlete to an internationally-awarded Olympian.

What a coincidence!

I'm told, however, that my stupid notions of science are wrong and that I should repent for using the wrong pronouns.

Hubbard will likely crush the dreams of many women who have trained their whole lives for this one shot on the Olympic stage. The only thing keeping him back is an elbow injury that's limited his competition.

I guess we'll have to see how a 43-year-old man with an injury and testosterone blockers performs against 20-year-old women.

Other athletes such as British Olympian Sharron Davies have some thoughts on that:

If you see Hubbard standing on the podium this summer, hoisting his gold medal high as New Zealand's anthem plays, just remember that neither science nor women matter, and that you should be happy about the glorious future of inclusivity that awaits us all!

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