Grab some popcorn and watch Florida Congressman Gaetz destroy witness over “White Batch” vaccines in "whitest neighborhoods" comments 🍿

RepMattGaetz / Rumble
Dec 3rd

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz absolutely destroys House Judiciary witness Jacqui Patterson (who is an environmental, woke activist type) on insensitive, racist, fear mongering tweets.

This is a 🔥 back and forth. So, grab your popcorn and enjoy:

Congressman Gaetz starts off a little coy, and asks a totally innocent question (which may be a trap 😈).

Since Jacqui Patterson has a masters in public health the congressman thinks it's important to ask:

Gaetz: "Is there a different chemical composition for vaccines in white neighborhoods as opposed to non-white neighborhoods?"

Patterson: Blah, blah, blah. Ramble, ramble. Basically, she said no.

Gaetz: "Is there something called a 'white batch' of vaccines as opposed to a batch of vaccines that would be intended for non-white people?"

Patterson: "Not that I've heard of."

Annnnd she fell right into his trap.

BOOM. Here comes the tweet:

Sure, she first plays it off as a joke. She admits it wasn't a funny one– even mentioning the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and don't think she's getting off that easy.

If it was just a joke, why would she respond to someone in her comments stating, "I was barely joking because it's real!"

It is a joke or do you believe what you're saying is real?

Gaetz: "Do you think it damages public health... and the credibility of public interest groups like yours when you put out that your personal vaccination plan is to go to the whitest neighborhood so that you can ensure your dose comes from the whitest batch?"

Patterson: "Absolutely not."

The congressman goes on to poke holes, and some fun, in her "personal vaccination plan." He asks again, "Do you think that being facetious about race-based vaccination issues in dangerous?" He explains there has been data that shows there are communities of color that are more skeptical of vaccines and her type of comments are dangerous misinformation.

Gaetz asks if she regrets her tweet and comments, and guess what?

She doesn't.

"Sometimes that dialog can metastases in disinformation and can actually harm the people that, you say, you're here to help," Gaetz had to explain to her, since she clearly doesn't get it.

What have we learned from this exchange?

1. Race-based disinformation is disgusting and dangerous.

2. There is no reality of a white batch of vaccines.


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