Grab your popcorn for this showdown between Matt Walsh and Cenk Uygur
· Feb 10, 2023 ·

It's "near impossible" to talk to people who don't believe that men can be women these days.

It's near impossible to talk to right-wingers these days. How do you have a conversation with someone who thinks Satan showed up to the Grammys? Do you debate it? How do you debate it? I don't speak gibberish, so I don't know how to communicate with them.

Talk about making a straw man!

Cenk, my man, have you literally ever talked to a conservative in your life? Is it that hard to escape liberal fairy-tale land?

Well you have conservations[sic] all the time with people who think men can get pregnant so it seems you're very adept at speaking gibberish


Matt Walsh with the sniper shot!


Of course, Cenk had to respond:

Sex is biological, gender is a human construct of what we consider masculine and feminine. So, someone who is born with female anatomy can truly feel like they are male in their gender. It's not that hard to understand if you're not trying to demagogue or drive hatred.

And you guys claim to believe in freedom. Why do you care what that person feels or thinks? What business is it of yours (other than to drive division and hatred)? Why should they lead their lives how you want instead of how they want? Why do you hate their freedom so much?

This "what business is it of yours" line worked for a really long time.

But it isn't 2010 anymore, Cenk.

"What people do in the privacy of their bedroom" isn't what's happening. We're cutting off the breasts of young girls and castrating young boys. We're letting pedophiles dress in drag so they can gyrate half-naked in front of 5-year-olds. We're being fired from jobs if we use "he/him" pronouns for the dude in makeup who works next door.

But we're not being asked to accept that people feel certain ways. We're being asked (demanded) to accept that a man who "feels like a woman" actually IS a woman. Do you understand why those of us who value truth cannot accept such an incoherent and objectively false claim?

And this is entirely leaving aside the fundamental incoherence of the claim that a man can "feel like a woman" in the first place. How can he know what a woman feels like if he is not a woman and has never been one?

I'll also include this nugget of wisdom from our man Seth Dillon:

Cenk didn't reply to Walsh's last argument: He picked another target and said that conservatives are "projecting your fear and self-loathing."

We're not afraid, Cenk. And we don't hate ourselves. We fiercely love our kids and our neighbors! The only one we fear is God Almighty, who will hold us accountable for speaking lies and letting barbaric practices destroy our fellow countrymen.

I leave you with Pascal's famous wager: If there is no God, then none of this matters. There is no truth and we both go to oblivion in the grave, so both of our arguments are null. "Right" and "Left" mean nothing.

But if there is a God, then what is true and right matters, and ignoring it has eternal damnable consequences. This is why Jesus said he did not come to bring peace, but a sword: Division is not wrong when you are dividing good from evil.

But it might still sound like "gibberish" to those too childish to understand.

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