Spanish high court rules in favor of man's right to walk the streets naked
· Feb 10, 2023 ·

Alejandro Colomar, 29, was in taking a stroll in the town of Aldaia, which is on the outskirts of the capital region of Valencia, (BUTT NAKED) minding his own business.

His day was rudely interrupted when he was handed a fine.

Reuters reports:

In a statement, the region's high court said it had struck down an appeal against a lower court decision to annul fines handed out to the man for being naked in the streets of Aldaia, a town on the outskirts of the regional capital.

The court backed him but acknowledged a "legal vacuum" in Spanish law regarding public nudity.

On the day of his trial, Colomar was filmed arriving at court in his birthday suit.

Yep. This guy showed up to court wearing nothing but hiking boots.

That's quite the look...

When he tried to enter a building, out of nowhere, he was stopped and ordered to put on clothes.

During his trial, he argued that the fines infringed on his right to ideological freedom.

Colomar told Reuters that he started baring it all in 2020 and actually received more support than insults while walking about naked – but there was that one time he was threatened with a knife.

He told Reuters:

The fine doesn't make any sense. They accused me of obscene exhibitionism. According to the dictionary, that implies sexual intent and (that) has nothing to do with what I was doing.

It may be a surprise (or maybe not if you've visited Spain before 🙈), but public nudity has been legal in Spain since 1988. You can walk down the street naked without being arrested.

BUT some regions (with some common sense and decency), like Valladolid and Barcelona, have made their own laws to regulate nudism, especially away from the beach.

The court noted that the town of Aldaia has no law prohibiting nudism.

The Valencia court ruled Colomar had "limited himself to remaining or circulating naked at different times in two different streets of Aldaia," and his behavior did not imply an "alteration of citizen security, tranquility or public order."

I just don't know about this one...

I am all for the freedom of ideology and expression and all, but no one wants to see that.

If you want to be free and let it all hang out, maybe you could just do it on your own property... out of my eye line, please.


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