Watch: Greg Gutfeld Trolled The Heck Out Of Chris Wallace AND CNN+ And It Was Glorious
· Apr 23, 2022 ·

If you missed The Five yesterday then you missed out on an absolute treat.

Greg Gutfled held nothing back, mercilessly mocking Chris Wallace and the utter failure of CNN+ all throughout the show at any chance he got.

It is absolutely glorious to watch.

This is a veritable highlight reel, watching Gutfeld savage his former Fox coworker.

Okay, a solid first joke. But that's just it. It's the first joke.

During EVERY single segment of the show, Gutfeld mocked Wallace and CNN+.

It just continues to get better.

BLM has done to black people what Chris Wallace has done to CNN+. Entice them with a promise and then ditch them on the side of the road.





Gutfeld, give the man a break!

I'd be lying if I said that CNN+'s failure wasn't absolutely hilarious though.

That's something everyone can agree on.

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