Whoa: BLM New York Founder Just Went On Fox News And Called NYC Mayor Eric Adams A Racial Slur
· Apr 23, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Wow, this is insane.

The New York City chapter of Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Hawk Newsome went on Fox News to criticize NYC's mayor, Eric Adams, who is a flaming liberal but a little bit tougher on crime than most.

The Mayor has been critical of BLM for not criticizing the murders constantly happening in the city.

Adams, despite being black, doesn't hate the police enough for BLM, so that makes him a... Well, I'll let Newsome tell you what that makes him (timestamped for your convenience):

Speaking of Eric Adams:

This mayor, who is a Democrat, but he spews conservative and Republican talking points, at the end of the day, we have a name for someone like this.

And this is someone we call a c**n, right?

Because, he's a white man in black face. And a very conservative minded white man, at that.

Those are some harsh words. And if ANYONE else said them they would be immediately canceled.

But if you work for BLM, it's no big deal to throw out racist attacks.

To BLM, if you even so much as consider that there's a crime problem then you are, in fact, a racist.

If you don't want to defund the police, like Adams, you are a "white man in black face."

And Adams isn't even, AT ALL, conservative.

Eric Adams just can't make anyone happy.

He's sort of not in the Defund the Police camp, so BLM hates him.

But he's also in charge of appointments in the city, and the continued soft on crime policies have led to scenes like we see in the subway or this scene from a few weeks ago.

So, basically, Adams is a failure on every front. And Hawk Newsome is a despicable racist. That is all.

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