Gucci is selling $1,200 grass-stained jeans
· · Sep 22, 2020 ·

Gucci is selling jeans and overalls with replica grass stains.

Yes, the highly sought after "grass stain" look is now attainable for $1,200, without having to do any dirty work. The jeans are made from organic cotton and still have a Gucci logo on the back pocket so that your'e able to still get that Gucci street cred.

Gucci isn't the first high-end retailer to sell "dirty" looking things for way too much money.

Golden Goose, the "creator" of the "dirty sneakers look" was recently valued at $1B so clearly there is still demand out there for rich people to want to look poor.

^ These are $500!!

Moral of the story is it costs a lot of money to look poor. Although increased tax on the wealthy is a controversial subject, I do feel that if you purchase these grass-stained jeans or dirty sneakers you should have to pay more in taxes, just on principle of having bad taste.


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