Has anyone noticed the LGBT movement is now homophobic?
· Jul 8, 2021 · NottheBee.com

The late Rush Limbaugh loved to quip (or was it a quip?) that he was on the cutting edge of societal evolution. Far be it from me to ever question the political insights of the great Maha Rushie, but I just don't know if it is even possible for a human mind, no matter how keenly it is fine-tuned and honed to the machinations of its political opposition, to anticipate the speed and degree to which social movements are changing these days.

For instance, while many of us recognized that the sexual revolution was never going to stop at gay marriage (did it stop at the mainstreaming of pornography, the advent of no-fault divorce, the fetishizing of adultery, the subversion of sodomy laws?), could anyone have predicted that a movement started by gays, for gays, would so quickly turn to be anti-gay?

That's been the frustration of gay writer Andrew Sullivan (who admittedly has become one of my favorite follows on social media) for some time now.

I think it was on Instagram during June that I first noticed that bizarre flag becoming increasingly prominent. The one that overlays the now barely-visible rainbow gay pride flag with triangular intrusions from the left representing all sorts of new victim groups and identitarian causes.

Pray tell, what does Black Lives Matter, indigenous supremacy, defunding the police, communism, or transgender ideology have to do with gay people getting to experience the full gamut of social privileges and promote their homosexual romantic and sexual relationships as a moral good? Nothing, of course.

In fact, there are several gay cops who will be hurt by the promotion of some of these new pet causes. And capitalism has been very kind to the so-called gay community which disproportionately holds higher-wage jobs, higher-income careers, and a far higher-standard of living compared to their non-gay counterparts.

And I've written often about the existential threat transgender ideology poses for lesbians, gays, and bisexuals. If successfully incorporated into American society's consciousness, it will do nothing short of erasing the very identity of each of those groups. Too few supposed LGB "allies" have done the critical thinking necessary to recognize that transgenderism represents a far more insidious, interminable homophobia than social conservatives ever did – even in the heyday of Dr. Dobson and the Moral Majority's push for codifying Christian sexual morality.

So what does all this mean? What should it tell us? Here's my theory:

There exists within progressive ideology a spiritualized dogma that elevates the state as god. The pursuit of earthly power then becomes more than just pragmatically useful, it becomes a form of worship. The devotees to this cult of statism are far more fanatical, far more rigid and inflexible than the most ardent religious disciple, to the point that they are willing to use any person, hijack any cause, and exploit any group to achieve their objective of gaining more power.

An ever-increasing number of black citizens are coming to realize that they have been used by this statist political movement that was never concerned about them, but rather concerned about consolidating their votes.

The poor and economically destitute have been intentionally turned into wards of the state by this statist political movement – not to help them climb out of poverty, but to keep them perpetually dependent on returning the statists to power.

Environmentalists have been deceived into spending millions to elect the very statists who for the ability to retain their power promise to save the planet from every conceivable threat – acid rain, global cooling, ozone depletion, discarded water bottles, global warming, climate change, plastic straws – while delivering only symbolic gestures.

Women have been scared into believing they can only be spared the humiliation of being forced into long red gowns and white bonnets by the very statists who diminish the uniqueness and grandeur of femininity by pretending a man wearing a gown and a bonnet is a woman.

And now gays and lesbians, who have been told for decades that only the statists truly care about their plight, are seeing that allegiance rewarded by a brazen act of homophobia – ripping the very movement out from under them and handing the keys over to an ideology that will erase their very identity.

Without God, everything is permissible and power is all that matters. At some point, surely society will come to see there's a much better way to live than that.


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