Here's how NBC News chose to cover the Special Counsel's evaluation of President Biden's mental state
· Feb 12, 2024 ·

Have we mentioned enough lately how NBC News is the new CNN?

Well, I'm starting to think that isn't really far. I don't even know if CNN would debase themselves THIS MUCH in carrying water for the Democratic candidate.

I almost didn't believe this when I saw it:

Yeah, it's a REAL ARTICLE from NBC News.

They're going out of their way to make sure you know that, even if Biden shows all the signs of dementia it shouldn't make a difference in his ability to be President.

Just when I thought I finally hated journalists enough, they pull this crap.

Since a report released on Thursday by special counsel Robert Hur described President Joe Biden as an 'elderly man with a poor memory,' there have been significant misperceptions about the cognitive changes associated with aging, neurologists say ...

Almost every older patient has trouble remembering people's names, Newhouse said.

'I think it's by far the most universal complaint of every person as they age,' Newhouse said.

In (Dr. Paul) Newhouse's (clinical core leader for the Vanderbilt Alzheimer's Disease Research Center) experience, this type of forgetfulness doesn't actually predict who ends up having memory disorders. Only a person's doctor or neurologist can make that diagnosis, not outside observers, brain experts say.

Yeah, don't believe what you're seeing, what the special counsel saw, what everyone has seen.

YOU aren't an "expert" like these doctors at Vanderbilt, NYU, and Boston that NBC picked to interview for this story.

They'll tell you that Biden's talking to long-dead foreign leaders is totally normal and nothing to worry about.

They're actually, legitimately, trying to sell it as a good thing.

'Although the raw power of memory has some degree of decline, perhaps wisdom can increase because the individual has a greater backlog of experiences and different situations as to what is the best thing to do,' (Dr. Thomas) Wisniewski, (Director of NYU Langone Health's Alzheimer's Disease Research Center and its Center for Cognitive Neurology) said.

He's older and wiser, guys!

Sure he can't remember that Mexico doesn't border Israel.

And sure he lies so much that he's starting to believe the lies, like his son Beau dying in Iraq.

Sure, he's been nothing but a fool his entire existence, but an old fool is wise because of his age now I guess.

That's what the "experts" are saying.

While the conversation surrounding aging is often framed around a person's diminishing memory or executive functioning, there are cognitive benefits that come with growing older, Dr. (Dennis) Selkoe (Co-director of the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston) said.

'There is a type of emotional intelligence and ability to handle many different kinds of experiences in life that come with greater longevity,' he said. 'People can make decisions more carefully and more rationally.'

"Joe Biden is the greatest president of all time and has an emotional intelligence that makes him uniquely qualified for the job!"

Guys, you don't hate journalists enough. But you also don't hate regime-captured medical "professionals" enough.

You think you do, but you don't.

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