Watch: Illinois Schools Are Reportedly LOCKING KIDS UP In Rooms For Not Wearing Masks, Even Though The Governor Has Lifted Masking Rules
· · Feb 12, 2022 ·

Two different schools in the same district outside Chicago have reportedly been locking kids into rooms in schools for not wearing a mask, even though the statewide mandate in schools have been lifted.

So, because a kid didn't wear a mask that is "little more than a facial decoration," he was illegally held prisoner against his will in school??

False imprisonment anyone? Kidnapping?

The teacher or administrator enforcing this needs to be gone, immediately.

But there's more. Here's another school in the same district that apparently goes by the same "lock kids up" policy.

Absolutely unbelievable.

I can't even imagine a circumstance where it would be okay to lock a kid in the room. Maybe if he had a weapon or was a severe danger to other students.

But this kid is no more likely to spread Covid than any other kid at that school. It's all a giant farce.

Here's what the district had to say:

When asked about the video and if it was the policy of the school district to lock students in a room for refusing to wear a face mask, school representative Yesenia Rivera said that this was absolutely not the policy. "No, that doesn't happen," Rivera said, "but I would have to know that school."

She hadn't seen the video, but said that she would bring it up to the safety coordinator. The masked adult keeping the door closed is wearing a badge, which is not readable in the social media clip.

This isn't about masks. It's about these schools exercising their soul-crushing authoritarian tendencies. That's it.

It's worth re-upping this message from Michael Malice:

In this case, being locked in a room against your will is a literal prison.

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