Here's why you should teach your kids what gunfire sounds like
· Oct 25, 2022 ·

"Can I get the spicy chicken burger?"

[Warning: No one dies but there's language]



Yes... that was a bullet that shattered that window:

Based on the trajectory, it would have gone over her right shoulder towards the restaurant counter.

But it wasn't the first shot. If the girls would have heard the first one, they would have had time to get to the ground before the second nearly took their heads off.

What the [flowerbed] was that?



I wish we could all be oblivious as this girl and her friends.

That's the world I grew up in. Most of you probably did too.

But the world we all grew up in has been hijacked by violent thugs and greedy politicians. The reality is that we have aimless, unstable people just wandering the streets because we've removed God and law enforcement from our cities. Consider this man who randomly beat a stranger to death just because:

Don't be afraid, but be prepared.

Oh, and if you're able, stay strapped!

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