This Canadian zoo is vaccinating its animals against COVID-19, but only if the animals "voluntarily" consent to the jab 🤔

Apr 23rd

God bless the men and women who have dedicated their lives to the care, study, and enthusiastic medical consent of animals:

The Toronto Zoo has begun vaccinating some of its animals that are most susceptible to contracting COVID-19...

It says that about 60 animals have received the vaccine already, with another 60 or so expected to in the days and weeks ahead. The animals will eventually receive two shots with the doses separated by two to three weeks.

"These are voluntary inoculations. The animals choose to come over and interact with the animal care staff and then are delivered the vaccine. Some days they participate. Some days, they don't. So we'll keep working at it until we get all 120 inoculated," Toronto Zoo CEO Dolf DeJong told CP24 on Thursday afternoon.

Ahh, yes, because there's no better way to communicate consent to a medical procedure than, "I came over and stood next to you."

But wait, is this really a voluntary procedure?

The Toronto Zoo has released a video outlining the process it is using to get the animals vaccinated.

In the video, staff explain how members of the wildlife care team train the animals "to voluntarily present an area of the body for a pretend poke" by rewarding them with a treat.

That's not consent, that's bribery! How is this being allowed??

Leave it up to Canada to set the world back decades in the fight for animal medical freedom!

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