Historic Globe Theater says Elizabeth I was probably non-binary because the woke believe all strong women are actually men or something
· Aug 14, 2022 · NottheBee.com

First, we had The Globe theater claim that Joan of Arc is non-binary and will be referred to by they/them pronouns in their newest production because she didn't just stay in the kitchen all day.

You know, like women are supposed to do.

Well, apparently, they're giving famed monarch Queen Elizabeth I the exact same "queer" treatment.

She's not a stereotypical woman, therefore she was non-binary.

From the Telegraph:

"I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman," Elizabeth I once said to rally her troops to face the Spanish Armada, "but I have the heart and stomach of a king".

And was a non-binary person too, according to academics working for Shakespeare's Globe, who have cast doubt on the gender identity of one of England's greatest queens.

Elizabeth I has been presented as possibly non-binary in an essay published by the theatre, which refers to the female monarch with the gender-neutral "they/them" pronouns.

See, clearly, she was a man trapped in a woman's body.

She just lived in a less woke time and didn't know that being non-binary was option.

You know, since this nonsense wasn't made up until the last century.

The essay claims: "Elizabeth I… described themself regularly in speeches as ‘king', ‘queen' and ‘prince', choosing strategically to emphasise their female identity or their male monarchical role at different points."

This appears to reference the most famous speech attributed to Elizabeth, her 1588 address at Tilbury in which she braced the nation for battle with the Spanish, saying she had the "heart and stomach of king" and "a king of England too".

Or, hear me out. She was a woman in a man's world and decided that the best way to fulfill her role was to use these different words to different audiences.

Not because she sometimes "identified" as a man and other times a woman. No, she just needed to adapt to her world.

Sadly, the woke need to make everything fit into our sexless dystopian postmodern world.

She couldn't have been a woman though, like Joan of Arc, because she did manly things. That, therefore, changes your entire gender.

Like when a little girl plays with trucks, this makes her a boy.

That's literally the modern worldview. There's no room for a strong woman. In fact, in this progressive utopia we're heading toward, women practically don't exist at all, let alone ones that are full of feminine grace and wisdom and beauty and valor!

The essay on the Shakespeare's Globe website, written by Dr Kit Heyam, suggests that historical women were not only rebels for performing what were considered typically male tasks, but also in some sense adopted a male identity.

Dr Hayem writes in regard to Elizabeth I as an armour-wearing military leader: "Inhabiting that social role and dressing in the clothes associated with it, while living and working among men, may not just have felt like gendered defiance: it may have had a profound impact on their sense of self."

This is such insanity.

The world has gone so woke that we have lost out ever-loving minds.

Maybe I don't want to live on this planet, but I DEFINITELY have no desire to go to The Globe.

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