HuffPo Writer Thinks She Has The Solution To Higher Gas Prices, Gets Absolutely Wrecked In The Replies
· Mar 10, 2022 ·

Lefties are out here trying to pretend that gas prices weren't rising until Putin invaded Ukraine, a completely false and laughable contention.

When finally cornered on the topic, however, at least one lefty over at Huffington Post had a tremendous idea of how to solve the problem.

No, it's not nuclear, and it's not producing more oil.

Ride a bike. Install solar panels at your home. MOVE CLOSER TO WORK!

Wow, what fantastic money-saving ideas from the geniuses in the liberal press. It's so affordable and practical to, you know, move homes. I'm sure my wife will appreciate it when I tell her she should bike 30 miles to work every day.

Newsflash, Ann, most folks can't afford your solutions. They are totally impractical for hundreds of millions of Americans.

You wanna see a real solution, check out Jordan B. Peterson laying out these straight facts:

We could produce our own affordable energy. But we're so committed to green energy that you should just move or ride a bike instead.

Needless to say, Ann's comments were subject to much ridicule.








Absolutely wrecked!

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