HuffPost's White House correspondent is really arguing that the Capitol riot was "1,000% worse" than 9/11
· May 26, 2021 ·

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you your certified balloonhead of the day:

That right there is S.V. Dáte — hopeless ideologue, herd animal, conspiracy theorist ... and senior White House correspondent for HuffPost.

Mr. Dáte's Twitter fingers have been especially itchy in recent days as he has been arguing repeatedly — I am not making this up — that the January 6 Capitol riot was "1,000% worse" than 9/11.

Than freaking 9/11!

And, lest you think it was just the case of a poorly worded tweet that he quickly deleted, no: He is double and tripling and quadrupling down on his assertion.

I am just going to let you gaze upon a few of this psychopath's insane tweets now:

Imagine being so pathologically committed to hating one politician that you would say things like this and actually mean them.

Again — it seems like I should repeat this — Mr. Dáte is not merely some basement-dwelling keyboard warrior. He is a senior White House correspondent for prominent liberal news outlet HuffPost!

I think Mr. Miller gets it right:

I wouldn't let this insane person anywhere near women or children either, for that matter.


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