Humorless Dems try to punish Michigan woman for (very funny) front yard mail-in ballot toilet joke
· Sep 24, 2020 ·

You know that little matter of the Democrats pushing hard for mass mail-in ballots before the election for Covid safety and not-for-any-other-reason-whatsoever?

Well, this lady in Michigan decided to poke a little fun at the Left's innocent attempt to steal the election by plopping a toilet down in her front yard with a huge sandwich board sign that reads, "PLACE MAIL IN BALLOTS HERE!"

Now, I have been reliably informed that this is what some experts refer to as "an obvious joke."

But humorless Democrats were having NONE OF IT.

Barb Byrum, the county election clerk and outspoken critic of Trump, tried to get the police to charge this lady with a felony (!!!) for taking "illegal possession of an absentee ballot." (!!!)

They were concerned that people who were new to voting by mail might be confused into dumping their ballots into this woman's LAWN TOILET, and flushing away their vote.

"Elections in this country are to be taken seriously and there are many people who are voting by mail for the first time this election," Byrum said. To which I say, do we really want the kind of person who would actually think they were supposed to turn in their ballot at a toilet voting anyway?

But, no. This toilet on the lawn is a very. Serious. Matter.

The Daily Caller wrote, "Byrum said she feared the stunt would cause voters to lose faith in the mail-in voting process, citing 'misinformation coming from President Trump' as one of the reasons people are skeptical of the system."

Just listen to how sanctimonious some of these quotes are:

"Elections are never a laughing matter."

"This seemed to be an effort to make a humorous political statement."

IT'S A TOILET BALLOT BOX. This is the kind of lowbrow political humor America needs right now!

In the end these Democrats failed to get the police to charge the woman, but succeeded in sucking a little more humor from the universe.

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