Colin Kaepernick will not be satisfied until America burns to the ground
· Sep 24, 2020 ·

Wanna know how you fan the flames of violence? This is how you fan the flames of violence.

Imagine having the influence Kap has and tweeting that while the tension in America is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

The police are a "white supremacist institution"?? "ABOLISH THE POLICE"??

There are no good police, Colin? The two L.A. cops ambushed in their police car -- that was OK? They were just some white supremacists?

The two officers shot last night -- just enemy combatants? Not real people? No big deal?

BLM poster-boy Colin Kaepernick is an unabashed racist who sits in mansions and smiles while America burns. Actually, he does much worse than that -- he sits in mansions and smiles while organizing and funding and cheerleading a movement that is actively trying to (literally) burn America down.

Colin Communick hates police and white people, that much is apparent.

Oddly enough, he was adopted by white folks and raised in a white family. Here he is with his parents:

Oddly enough, Communick, who because he is half-black claims to be severely persecuted, is receiving a salary from Nike which is ON PAR WITH THE SALARY OF A TOP-END NFL PLAYER. You're talking tens of millions of dollars. For what? To foment hate, division, and violence in America. That's all. He does not play football. He is not a professional athlete.

Kaepernick openly salivates at any opportunity to raise his communist flag above the fence of his gated community and wave it back and forth to rally his lower-class comrades. He loves it. He cares nothing about the fact that America is being torn apart because of racial division, much of which is nothing but POLITICAL AND IDEOLOGICAL PROPAGANDA. He cares nothing about the fact that the positions he takes are absolutely illogical, nonsensical, untenable, and indefensible.

Doesn't matter. He doesn't have to defend them. He just collects his millions and RAH-RAHs the violence. The longer the violence goes on, the more that is in it for him.

Just before the race riots started in America, Kaepernick tweeted out this call to violence. Many people thought he would delete it. On the contrary, it's still PINNED TO THE TOP OF HIS TIMELINE.

He loves it.

Shame on the NFL and shame on Nike for propping him up with money and attention and prestige. Colin Kaepernick wants more violence, more destruction, more deaths. He is a revolutionary who wants America to burn right down to the ground. As anyone with eyes can see.


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