I am so sick of the blatant media hypocrisy on gun violence
ยท Jul 24, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

This has been on Axios' home page for 2 full days now:

Yeah, in this age of news that changes by the second, some unhinged piece of crap psycho calling a grocery store and threatening to shoot black people has been deemed eminently newsworthy by one of the top media outlets in the country. The guy didn't actually do it, mind you, he just threatened to do it. And now he is in jail.

Meanwhile, here's a story from yesterday out of Chicago that you won't find on Axios, or CNN, or NBC, or NYT, or WaPo, or any of the other ideologue corporate media outlets:

Three men were wounded Saturday when a gunman firing from a gray sedan targeted a group of people attending a funeral service at a Far South Side church.

The shots rang out about 2:30 p.m. when family members attending the service gathered to take a photo outside Universal Community Missionary Baptist Church in Roseland, according to Chicago police and a witness at the scene.


Kareem House said he was attending a funeral service for his cousin, Mike Nash, when the shooting began.


House said his cousin was a "nice guy" who did work as an anti-violence activist and died of a heart attack.

Yeah. Yesterday, at a FUNERAL for an "anti-violence activist," family members were gathered outside a CHURCH for a picture, and some thugs drove by and shot them up, wounding 3.

Just to make sure we're on the same page:

The bad guys did a drive-by shooting on a church and sprayed bullets at grieving family members taking pictures during a funeral.

Simply horrific!

This is not newsworthy, Axios? But we're leaving the story of some racist, inbred bush-dweller THREATENING to shoot people up on the homepage for 2 full freaking days?

Or how about this story, also out of Chicago, also from yesterday:

Four people were shot and wounded early Saturday in East Garfield Park โ€” the fourth mass shooting in the area in the last three months.

A group of people were standing in the street in the 2700 block of West Jackson Boulevard around 1:45 a.m. when a black truck approached and someone got out and began firing a rifle, Chicago police said.

A man, 37, was hit in the right shoulder and was taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center in good condition; a man, 40, was grazed in the right hand and taken to Mount Sinai in good condition; a woman, 32, was shot in the back and taken to Mount Sinai in good condition; and a woman, 40, was grazed in the leg and went Norwegian Hospital .

No one was in custody.

What's that? A MASS SHOOTING, you say? With an ASSAULT RIFLE? Four people hit, including 2 women?

Isn't that usually PURE RED MEAT for the mainstream media? Why do none of them care about THIS mass shooting? What could it be??

None of the mainstream media care about the devastating violence taking place every day in major cities across America because it does not fit their narrative, therefore, it does not exist. More people are murdered by guns in Chicago EVERY WEEKEND than are killed in most mass shootings the media breathlessly reports on and deconstructs for weeks.

363 killed so far this year in Chicago ALONE.

Go through the list at that link. It's happening every single day. And the media doesn't give a crap. You have to check the local Chicago news to read about the carnage. The mainstream press would rather gas us up about some white racist making a phone call. Because THAT fits their agenda.

I am so sick of it.

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