I can feel this tweet in my bones. Check out the replies.
· Dec 8, 2022 · NottheBee.com

It hurts.

It is brutal out there. Auto manufacturers have spent the last 10 years creating more complex (read: less reliable) vehicles that satisfy insane-levels of environmental regulation while distracting consumers with expensive gadgets and gizmos. While white-collar bigwigs in large cities are probably happy with their $70,000 commuter cars, the rest of us would find a vehicle half that cost difficult to purchase.

The government, meanwhile, spent the last two years jacking up inflation so the average person will never again be able to buy a new car, and the supply issues caused by lockdowns allowed dealers to jack up prices on used cars so families could be bankrupted by rust buckets.

But don't just take my word for it.

Here are some of the replies to Jesse's tweet:

It's crazy out there. I know, because I've spent 3 months looking for a reliable used SUV in my area with my fourth child on the way... and there's absolutely nothing that isn't either falling apart or insanely expensive.

Here's where the used car market is right now:

The soy-latte drinking coastal socialites scoff at this problem. After all, they can drop a bunch of money on Uber if they don't feel like taking their Tesla to Whole Foods.

But that's not how its works outside elitist leftist enclaves.

The rest of us need work trucks and family haulers to make life possible. They are essential.

Food, clothes, and iPhones don't just appear magically on store shelves. They require an army of people, truckers especially, to make modern society possible. The harder you make transportation for the poorest people in that grid, the weaker you break the chain of logistics that makes everything work reliably and cheaply. Everything soon falls apart.

Unless this problem is fixed soon for hundreds of millions of Americans who don't live in the wealthy suburbs of LA and NYC, the future won't look like this:

But this:

Unfortunately, that seems to be what the elites want.

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